Corporate Massage Is The Key

Corporate Massage is the fastest growing sector of the massage industry today, producing proven positive results for employers! By providing our service to your employees, you can:

» Reduce the effects of work-related stress which may lead to staff absenteeism.

» Increase employee productivity and performance.

» Offer incentives to staff by rewarding them for their achievements.

» Elevate the overall working morale amongst staff members.

» Show your staff you appreciate their hard work.

» Create a positive caring workplace environment.

Our Service

Our service consists of an oil-free, 10-20 minute seated massage, carried out over the clothing to specifically target areas of stress and overuse in the back, neck and shoulder regions.

How Your Company Will Benefit

The health, morale and productivity of employees are the key issues to ensuring the ongoing success and growth of any company. The efficiency and output of staff has decreased in many organisations over the past decade due to the effects of workplace stress. Corporate Massage is specifically designed to counteract these negative effects in any organisation and make for a happier, working environment.

At Meehan Therapy, we pride ourselves on professional friendly service. The therapist will attend your premises and make your staff feel great with minimal disruption to your everyday on goings at work.

Service Fees

Your individual staff requirements are to be taken into account and require discussion during your initial needs analysis.

Meehan Therapy can service between 3 to 5 employees per hour depending on a number of factors including number of staff requiring our service.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum 2hr booking, £25.00 call-out fee per site visit - This fee is waived for a minimum 3 hour booking, Bookings are to be paid for by hours booked and not by staff usage.